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▪ Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes 


The Ultimate Treat Stuffing Box

  • Cronch Co. x Slurpet Foods 

    The Ultimate Treat Stuffing Box:

    Cronch Co. Beef Trachea x 1 (approx 12 - 15cm)

    Cronch Co. Goat Ear x 1

    Cronch Co. Venison Ear x 1

    Cronch Co. Cow Hoof x 1

    Cronch Co. Untoppable Meal Topper Green Lipped Mussel x 1

    Slurpet Chicken Party 400g x 2

    Slurpet Mum’s Beef Stew 400g x 2

    Slurpet Joyous Pork Ragu 400g x 2