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Feeding &Storage

How to feed Slurpet gently cooked dog food?

Slurpet gently cooked dog food can be feed as kibble topper or mix with freeze-dried food in with their meal, slightly increase the amount in the bowl when your dog get use to it. Freeze 1 or 2 packs to preserve, frozen the rest. Use within 3 days after thawing. It's nice to have Slurpet for your pup on a big day, a celebration, a dog party, or simply given as a treat on its own. Slurpet is the best chioce for picky eaters, pups with sensitive stomach, or dogs don't drink water.

How do I switch my dog to Slurpet cooked dog food?

The best way to transit your pet to a new kind of food is to do it gradually. Not only will this give you and your pet a chance to adjust to the change, but it will also help minimize any digestive issues that may arise. Even with a gradual approach, however, some digestive issues are completely normal and even to be expected. Changes in your pet’s stool, such as diarrhoea, are among the most common effects of any change in diet and is nothing to worry about. You may also notice a film around your pet’s stool, which is due to the detoxification process that occurs as your pet begins eating healthier, less processed food. Other common symptoms include temporary flare-ups in skin conditions or excess shedding. The key is to be aware of potential side effects as you transition your pet to a more wholesome, natural diet. As long as your pet remains happy and energetic, these minor digestive and skin issues are no cause for concern, and you can rest assured that you are doing what’s best for their development, health, and long-term welfare.

How to store Slurpet cooked dog food?

We recommend that you keep 1 or 2 packs (2-3 days worth of food) in your refrigerator at all times to ensure that you always have enough food defrosted for your hungry pup! Keep the rest of the packs in your freezer. Every time you finish a pack, just grab another one from your freezer and put in your refrigerator to replace the one your dog just ate.

Accidentally forgot to defrost enough food for the day? No problem! Just put some warm or room-temperature (not hot!) water in a bowl and submerge an unopened pack of food for 5-10 minutes. Once the food is soft and malleable, it’s ready to eat! If it's still too cold for your pup, simply microwave a proper portion for 10 seconds, ding! The fragrant comes out!

How long does the cooked food stay good for?

We vacuum seal our food so that it can stay fresher longer. Even though they won’t expire for up to 6 months once frozen, we recommend that you use the food within 4 months of receiving it. Make sure to keep the food frozen while it’s being stored! Only move the food to your refrigerator 1-2 days before feeding it to your dog. Use within 3 days after thawing.

What if my pup doesn't like the food?

That's all good! Just like us humans, some dogs take time to transition to a new diet. If you followed our transition guide and your dog still won’t eat Slurpet cooked food, we recommend doing another round of transition starting with Day 1. If you have any questions, just reach out to our support team at

Can I mix raw and cooked dog food?

This is not encouraged. As generally speaking, raw food and cooked food digest differently. Separating their meals with raw and cooked food to puts our pups at lower risk for several health issues. A good rule of thumb to follow is to mix in a very small amount of new food on day one and gradually alter from day to day basis. This would allow their digestion systems to adjust to the new diet.

How much should I be feeding my adult dog?

You can feed roughly 3-5% of your pup's weight.

Our Food

What does gently cooked mean?

Slurpet gently cooked dog food is a carefully tailored blend of meat, vegetables and natural supplements. Each ingredient is used based on its nutritional merits. These wholefoods are not overly-processed, which means active enzymes and nutrients are fully utilised by your dog’s digestive system. We gently cook dog food in a temperature-controlled facility. In this method of cooking, food is heated or cooked to the requirement recommended to kill pathogens such as salmonella and e-coli. This process ensures that the bacteria present in raw ingredients are killed but still preserves the nutritional integrity of the ingredients. In addition, the protein levels remain high due to minimal cooking. Pet owners had reported substantial health improvements in their pets after switching to this diet. Reports include a healthier, shinier coat, softer skin, cleaner teeth and less odours.
Dogs eating a freshly cooked food diet often need less fresh food than highly processed food since they are getting maximum nutrition and they can be expected to live longer with humans and to suffer less illnesses, meantime it may save us vet bills for buying more food and toys.

What are some of the benefits in gently cooked food for dogs?

Foods prepared in this manner do not destroy healthy proteins from prolonged or extreme heat and hence are easier to break down and digest. As a dog’s digestive tract is much shorter than a human’s, it is important that the nutrients in their food are easy to digest so that they are absorbed before completely passing through the intestine. Gently cooked foods is also a great option for dogs with compromised immune systems as a blend of fresh produce can provide a boost of nutritional benefits and help reducing aintestinal allergy. Dry dog food with less or none of the common synthetic proteins and amino acids that may cause allergies in pets. Cooked fresh food is more biologically appropriate for our pups. Gently cooked foods do not use added fillers and carbohydrates. This lean diet will keep our pups within the ideal weight and healthy. Despite common fears, gently cooked foods are safe. The meats are cooked to recommended temperatures in order to destroy common pathogens such as salmonella. Improved digestion also results in firmer stools and more regular bowel movements. Gently cooked dog food is way lower in carbohydrates compared to kibbles so it is great for sensitive stomachs in the meantime keeping your pup lean. In the long run, it is cost-saving due to fewer trips to the vet! As the health of your dog improves, vet visits may be reduced to only general check-ups.

Can dogs eat cooked pork meat?

Yes, pork is a great protein high in micro-nutrients and recommended for fussy-eaters.

How does Slurpet work?

We don't need your subscription! We know many of you experienced subscription food and boxes which caused some inconvenience, so we won't ask for you to subscribe our food. And we love to see your order and then cook it fresh for pups.

1) Add your pup's favourite recipes to shopping cart.
2) Tell us about your pup's allergy if he had one in our ingredients, so we can make a adjustment for your pup. 3) Place an order and our chef will cook it fresh.
3) We'll packed in thermal protector and deliver right to your doorstep.
4) Serve your lucky pup fresh, all natural cooked food and watch them slurp and clean the bowl.
5) Take tons of pictures and videos and share them with us on our Facebook and Instagram @Slurpet.foods.
6) We’ll getting more recipes and foods for our pups, so keep following us and make sure your dog always has nutritious, healthy and delicious food with us.

is there cooked bone in Slurpet gently cooked dog foods?

We avoid using meats with bones as cooked bones can cause choking and serious damage to the dog's mouth, throat, or intestines.

Is your product same to homecooked dog food?

Home-cooked diets are often nutritionally deficient. Slurpet gently cooked dog food is improved from homecooked dog food. Our diets are specially formulated with fresh meats, veggies, natural vitamins and supplements to make sure dog’s are receiving all the right levels of the required nutrients, protein, moisture. Besides, our food is gently cooked by a restaurant chef, who has 10+ years of experience in cooking, handling bulk food and fresh meats. We love to bring your pups the tastiest food they ever had.

Where do you source Slurpet ingredients?

We’re proud to support New Zealand local businesses, from fresh meats and vegetables to natural vitamins and supplyments. We source only human-grade ingredients for our pups.

Ordering & Delivery

How long will it take to prepare my order?

We require a maximum of two working days from your date of order to fulfil your delivery.

What are your delivery days and fees?

We deliver Monday to Friday, with the exception of Public Holidays. For Auckland Residents: Monday - Friday, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm $5 for order < $50; Free delivery for order > $50
For Auckland Businesses:
Monday - Friday, Same Day Courier Delivery $5 for order < $50 Free delivery for order > $50 For North Island Residents & Businesses: Monday- Thursday, Overnight Courier Delivery $9 for all orders For South Island Residents & Businesses: Monday- Thursday, Overnight Courier Delivery $12 for all orders