Clearly, we want our dogs to be with us as long as humanly possible. And to us, we believe good food nurtures the body, our four-legged friend deserves a healthier and more digestible diet.


After being disappointed with the low-quality processed pet food in the marketplaces and couldn't find the best hypoallergenic diet for our pup, as a professional chef dad and a dog mum of 17 years, we decide to create a natural & gentle whole food diet that is most suited for all dogs including picky eaters and sensitive stomachs.


Our mission is to make healthy dog food accessible to all pawrents. Everything we do here at Slurpet is for the love of our animal friends. 

We provide fresh dog food that only uses the freshest and the finest ingredients that are sourced around New Zealand. Whether your pups are picky eaters, have sensitive tummies, or would like to switch to a healthier diet and healthier weight, Slurpet is your best choice. 

With the recipes formulated by the professional chef, Slurpet offers gently cooked dog food that is human-grade with no artificial flavours, we feed our pups like the family member they are. Slurpet freshly cooked dog food is delivered to your doorstep throughout New Zealand.


Transition to natural feeding and order today, this will be such an enjoyable experience and your pups will never have to settle for less. 

Black Dog