Real food, made fresh, delivered.

Suitable for all dogs, picky eaters, sensitive tummies & seniors friendly

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How to feed fresh-cooked dog food?

As daily fresh nutrition source

As kibble topper

Picky eating solution

Treat meal in your big day

Reward meal / Travel meal

Diet change

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We could be adding years of better health to our best friend’s life.

We gently cook our pup food with minimal processing to maintain nutrients

Gently-cooked by chef

The fact that dog food doesn't need to contain so much “carbs”. Getting their diet rich in meat-based protein and lower in carbs is healthier.

Low Carb & low fat

We use locally sourced fresh meats, organs and vegetables. No one enjoys a serving of mystery meat and your buddies should not be subject to it either. 



Essential supplements

Balanced oil-based supplement in all recipes to support their optimal health and wellbeing.

Omega fatty acids

Tuna fish oil and green-shelled mussel oil help maintains joint health and support brain health and cognitive function

Natural source of calcium

Only use quality fish cartilage and mussel powders to make the lowest sensitivity meal and maintain our pups bone health.


We believe that feeding our pets well is the best way to prevent allergies, chronic disease.

Safe for sensitive tummies

We promise to never put anything in your dog’s bowl that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. Fresh natural food is safe for most sensitive tummies because it’s gently cooked to remove the majority of bacteria, and contains no artificial ingredients.  

Highly digestible

Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs, picky eating, seniors, all sizes and ages. If you are not sure, try Slurpet to see some good changes from your pup. Preserve nutrients often lost in over-processed pet foods, like kibble.


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“They LOVE it, Sadie and Spencer wolfed theirs down once I got Luna away too fast for me to get a decent video.... These are massive hit with the pawsketters... 

— Spencer & Sadie Mae


“Loving this NEW FOOD, he's been whining while I got the meals ready....He emptied his bowl like in a matter of seconds, sooooo satisfying to see him licking the empty bowl.

DEF Recommend+++”

— Min Moong


“As you know I'm a very fussy girl, pawrents have tried so many topping and kibbles... then I became more fussy. Mum's so surprised that I ate Slurpet and keep asking for it the second day! So happy that I finally found a food that I really like! 

— Bobo



“...It was very Yummy,

and kept me occupied for a hot minute.

10000/10 would recommend to everyone

— Russell Ranger

North Canterbury

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